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2023 - 2024 Studio Policies

Please Read
By registering for classes you are agreeing to our Studio Policies

Click here for a printable copy of our 2023-2024 Studio Policies



Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography. Please make every effort to attend each class.  Dance is a seasonal commitment, and students are expected to participate in class through the end of the season in May as well as the final production performance.  Monthly tuition remains constant whether a student is present or not.  If a student is more than 10 minutes late to class and has missed the warm-up, for his/her safety they may be asked to observe to avoid injury.  

To withdraw from a class and stop billing, a parent must do so via email to by the 20th of the month before they want to drop.  All classes have a one month minimum. 


Annual MCDF Membership Fee 

A non-refundable, annual Membership Fee is due at the time of registration.  After your first complete season with Motor City Dance Factory, your membership is automatically renewed at the basic membership level unless you upgrade to a Premium or Elite Membership or Opt. Out for the following season.


Dance Basic Membership Fee - $65.00 Individual / $30 per each additional student

The Premium and Elite Memberships are only available during the Spring Rollover Registration Period.  


Gymnastics Basic Membership Fee - $25.00 per student



Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Parent or legal guardian of the student agrees to pay tuition in full on a monthly basis and remain in good financial standing with MCDF. All families are required to enroll in the auto-pay system. Tuition will be charged on the first of each month.  If you do not want the credit card on file used, you must make the tuition payment before the first of the month through the parent portal or by cash/check in the studio.   A $15.00 Failed Processing fee will automatically be charged if the Auto Pay Fails to process on the first attempt for any reason.  We understand that things happen, so the failed processing fee will be applied on the 3rd day of the month to give the account holder the opportunity to pay manually, in person or by phone.  Once the fee has been added on the third, it will not be removed from the account.   It is the responsibility of the parent to update the card as needed.  The student will remain enrolled, and charges will continue if the parent / guardian does not properly withdraw from classes.  Please note:  This fee is applied to each student who has a past due balance. 

Dance Tuition (September through May)

  • 1 Class per week - $65 per month

  • 2 Classes per week - $125 per month

  • 3 Classes per week - $175 per month

  • 4 Classes per week - $225 per month

  • 5+ Classes per week - $250 per month


Gymnastics Tuition (September through April)

  • 1 class per week $75.00 / month

  • 2 classes per week $130.00 / month

  • 3 classes per week $165.00 / month

  • 4 classes per week $200.00 / month

Monthly fees are not prorated and do not change based on the student's attendance or holiday closures.


Adult Fitness

  • 1 Class     $35 Monthly Membership

  • 2 Classes  $50  Monthly Membership

  • 3 Classes  $65 Monthly Membership


Punch Cards and Drop In available for Adult Fitness / Hustle classes.



There is a 10% sibling discount for siblings under the same account if students are enrolled in the same program.   This discount is exclusively for households who are registered under the same account, with one person responsible for payment.  The second student and all subsequent students receive a 10% discount per program. 


Insufficient Fund Fees 

Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $35 NSF fee which will be paid at the payment desk along with the tuition and any late fees that may apply. Thereafter, personal checks will no longer be accepted for the student’s account for the season. 


Withdrawal From Classes 

There is a one month minimum for all lessons. To withdraw from a class and stop billing, a parent must do so via email to by the 20th of the month before they want to drop.  All classes have a one month minimum.   This is the only way to drop a class.  Verbal notification will not be accepted for dropping classes.  If a student attends, and the account is 60 days past due, the student will not be allowed to participate until the tuition is paid / or arrangements have been made.       If the season is not completed, costume fees, membership fees, and tuition are non-refundable.  


Dance Class Change Fee

Teachers select costumes early in the season and we begin preparation for our spring shows as soon as the season begins.  We know that during the first few weeks we are still working on leveling our classes and finding the right fit for our dancers.  If a student needs to change a class day and time after October 31st, a class change fee of $10 will be charged.  This fee is waived for our Premium and Elite Members.  Classes may not be changed once recital costumes have been ordered.  


Credit Vouchers / Refunds Credit 

Vouchers and Refunds are only issued when MCDF cancels a class due to low enrollment and there is not a comparable class that is available to the student.

Rescheduling and Substitution 

MCDF reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regular teacher is ill or is otherwise unable to teach. MCDF reserves the right to combine or reschedule classes.



In September, you will receive your Recital Costume Invoice from our costume billing department.  Due to longer production and shipping times, costume fees for our spring production are due in full by October 21st, and costume orders will begin in November.  If your dancer is going to participate in the May Production, costume fees must be paid by October 21st.  There will be fundraising opportunities to pay for costumes. Although parents pay for recital costumes, no student shall receive costumes for the recital until the financial obligation for the full season is met (including all tuition, late fees, and other outstanding debt).   Active students may pick up costumes at costume distribution in March / April.  Inactive students may receive costumes once the season has ended.  All students must have a $0.00 balance to pick up costumes.


Lost and Found 

There is a Lost and Found located in the studio dressing room. Please check the Lost and Found basket regularly as all lost and found items are donated to local charities every month. MCDF is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items. Please label everything and remind your dancer not to leave anything behind! Leave valuables and large amounts of cash at home.



Limited space is available for parents to view classes on our monitors in the two parent lobbies. Parents may also sit in our Motor City Cafe.  We would like our guests to remember that MCDF is a child friendly environment.  Conversation, clothing, and overall behavior should be appropriate at all times in and around the building.



It is the parent’s responsibility to read emails and stay informed. We send emails and text messages regularly. 

  • MCDF APP - search your app store to download the APP to make dance life easy 

  • MCDF Portal - Your parent portal is much like the APP and can be accessed on phone or computer

  • What’s Up Monthly Newsletter – sent by email and available on our website every first Wednesday 

  • Studio Website –  

  • Social Media – Please follow and interact with us on Facebook, Instagram


Dress Code 

Uniforms are required, but vary for different classes. Please see the studio dress code for your dancer’s specific class(es). Students should always be in uniform and have their hair pulled securely away from their face. Beads and barrettes must be tied up, and students should not wear jewelry to class.  If a dancer is not in dress code after multiple warnings, the student will have to sit or will be required to purchase a uniform from our front desk. 


Class Placements

  • Class placements are at the discretion of our teaching staff and are derived from many years of teaching experience.

  • Children are placed in a class where they will be confident, promote the development of self-esteem and continue to be challenged.

  • Students or parents should not challenge the instructors or director on the placement of a dancer.



  • Our staff is trained to use constructive techniques of discipline, encouraging students to have respect for other students, teachers, staff and studio property.

  • Should disruptive behavior occur and continue a child may be removed from class and a parent or guardian will be notified.

  • In extreme circumstances it may be necessary for the director to terminate a student’s enrollment.


Showcase and Recital 

  • We end our gymnastics season with our Spring Showcase during the last week of April. 

  • We end our dance season with our year end performance. Our tentative dance production dates are May 18th and May 19th.

  • Please look at the show your dancer(s) are participating in when selecting classes (especially for siblings).  Some conflicts are unavoidable, but be mindful when scheduling.

  • Recital rehearsals are mandatory.  Our priority is to prepare your children for the performance experience of a lifetime!


Auto Pay Terms and Conditions 

I understand and agree that any and all changes in my account information, including requests to terminate this agreement, must be in writing and be delivered to the company, via email to at least 10 days prior to the next due date. If the payment due date falls on a weekend or holiday, I understand and agree that the payment may be executed on the next business day. I understand and agree that as this is an electronic transaction, adequate funds must be available for withdrawal from my account by the payment due date. In the case of an Auto Pay transaction being rejected for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), submission error, or other bank related return reasons I understand and agree that the company will charge a $15 Failed Processing Fee on the third day of the month and may, at its discretion, resubmit the debit transaction within thirty (30) days. I understand and agree, in accordance with the Studio Policies, if I do not want my credit card on file charged on the first of the month, that it is my responsibility to make the payment before the due date / first day of the month (September 2023 - May 2024).  Charges for the following month will always show up on the account by the 25th to allow for early payment. 

By registering in person or online, you agree to adhere to the Motor City Dance Factory Policies as listed above. 


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