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Each student at Motor City Dance Factory is so important and special. Some kids only come to one class a week. Others spend more time at the studio than they do with their own family. The kid that only comes once a week is just as important as the other student. Understanding each of our programs and what type of student attends each program, will help everyone understand what expectations and goals are set for creating yearly success. 


Please note:  The ages listed below are approximate.  Experience, maturity, and performance level are also factors that are taken into consideration.  Our staff is experienced in making sure students receive the best training for their age and level.  Typically, students are in a level for 2- 3 seasons. 

MCDF Discovery Level Classes

Our Discovery Level Classes are mostly combo and a couple single style classes for dancers ages 7 and under are for those students learning what dance is all about.  Most dancers attend once a week and participate in the final production and possibly one or two other performances. 


Creative Movement - Ballet and Tap Combo Class

Ages 3 - young 5

(Dancers who will turn 3 by December are considered on a case by case basis)


Get it Girls - Pre-Hip Hop and Gymnastics Combo Class for Girls

Ages 4 - 5 

Kinderdance Ballet/Tap - Ballet and Tap Combo Class

Ages 5 - 7


Primary Ballet/Tap - Ballet and Tap Combo Class

Ages 6 - 7 (prerequisite Kinderdance / teacher’s approval)


Kinder Hip Hop - Fun, age appropriate hip hop class

Ages 5 - 7


Kinder / Bounding Boys Hip Hop - Fun, structured, age appropriate Boys Only hip hop class with some gymnastics

Ages 4 - 7


Kinder / Primary Jazz - Pre jazz class focusing on proper technique and performance skills

Ages 6 - 8  (corequisite Kinderdance Ballet /Tap or Primary Ballet/Tap)

MCDF Cultivation Level Classes

Our Cultivation Level Classes for dancers ages 8 and older are where dancers explore and learn more technique and skills in some combo classes, but mostly single style dance classes. Dancers select classes in a variety of styles in this level but not aren’t looking for a major commitment to several days a week. Experience is great, but it is not required.  We offer classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, Jit, West African, and lyrical. Some dancers in this program come for one class and others come multiple times and take multiple styles of dance.  This level is a stepping stone for some students, while others who have more outside activities may happily remain at this level. 


Fundamentals 1 - A combination ballet / tap class

Ages 8 - 10

Fundamentals 2 - A combination ballet / tap w/ at least 1 yr of F1

Ages 8 - 10


Mini Hip Hop - High energy commercial hip hop for young dancers   

Ages 8 - 10


Boys Hip Hop - Hip Hop class for all boys designed for Boys’ Energy

Ages 8 - 12


Mini Jazz - Beginning jazz class focusing on proper technique and performance skills

Ages 8 - 10 (corequisite Fundamentals Ballet / Tap 1 or 2)


Junior Level Classes - Classes for tween and early teen dancers who are looking to strengthen skills

Ages 11 - 13

  • Ballet

  • Jazz (corequisite Junior Ballet)

  • Hip Hop

  • Tap


Teen Level Classes - Classes for high school dancers who are looking to strengthen skills

Ages 13 - 18

  • Ballet / Jazz Combination Class

  • Hip Hop

  • Teen Guys -n- Gals


Additional Options

  • Zumba Kids

  • Jit Masters

  • Lyrical 1

  • Modern 1


MCDF Factory Level Classes

The Factory Leveled Technique Classes are for dancers ages 10 and up who aspire to train long term on the collegiate and / professional level. These classes have more focus technique and progressing dancers to higher levels of dance beyond a recreational activity. There is a desire to train more than the average student and a greater time commitment is required. For this dancer, dance is their primary, oftentimes only extracurricular activity. Dancers select classes in a variety of options in this program. We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, Jit and more. All dancers in Factory Leveled Technique Classes come for multiple classes and styles, multiple days per week. These classes are for competitive students as well as qualified, non-competitive students.  Students must be pre-approved for the following levels (prior experience is required).  New students for this level must be approved prior to registration.  

  • Development Level Classes - Early Intermediate

  • Red Level Classes - Intermediate Classes

  • Silver Level Classes - Advanced Intermediate Classes

  • Black Level Classes - Advanced Classes

  • Pointe - Student must be enrolled in Ballet Silver or Ballet Black and be approved for pointe

  • Modern - Horton Based Technique Levels 1, 2, and 3

  • Lyrical - Expressive dance that tells the story of the music Levels 1 and 2


Additional Options

  • Zumba Kids

  • Jit Masters

  • Musical Theatre

  • Intermediate Hip Hop

  • Advanced Hip Hop

  • Intermediate/Advanced Tap


MCDF Adult Dance Classes

Our Adult Unleashed Classes are for adults 18 and older who are new or returning to dance.  The atmosphere is fun, inviting, and judgement free!  It is a seasonal commitment; however, performing in the production is optional.  

  • Adult Tap

  • Adult Jazz


MCDF Adult FITNESS Classes

Get your workout on in a positive environment that will empower you in many ways.  Monthly Memberships or Drop ins available.

  • Zumba 

  • Pilates

  • Interval Training

  • Motor City Hustle 



We have classes designed just for the guys and their energy. 

  • Bounding Boys - Ages 4 - 6

  • Kinder Boys Hip Hop -  Ages 5 - 7

  • Boys Hip Hop - Ages 8 - 12


Company Classes are for our competitive company dancers only. The program will train dancers at the highest level of expectations and accountability. Dancers will have a required minimum list of mandatory classes, conventions, performances, and events.   Dancers will be grouped together based on level and age. Admission is by audition only.

  • Mini

  • Junior

  • Teen

  • Senior

  • Rehearsal

  • Conditioning


Dancer Trinity Sanders featured from first season Creative Movement to final season as a Factory Level dancer, now dancing professionally on Beyonce's Renaissance Tour.

Read her story! 

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