MCDF tuition and fees

Registration Fee - $25.00

Family Registration - $45.00


Late Registration beginning 10/1 - $45.00

Family Registration Late Fee beginning 10/1 - $65.00


Monthly Dance Class Pricing for In-Person Instruction at MCDF

(Class count does not include gymnastics classes)


  • 1 class $60 /month 

  • 2 classes $120 / month

  • 3 classes $165 / month

  • 4 classes $220 / month

  • 5+ classes $250 / month


Gymnastics Add-on for UNLIMITED students only

  • $50 / month 1 Gymnastics Class per week

  • $100 / month 2 Gymnastics Classes per week


6 Week Session Pricing (for Adult Classes and Special Seasonal Sessions)

  • 1 Class $90

  • 2 Classes $150

  • 3 Classes $200

  • 4 Classes $240


Drop In Fee $18.00


Adult Fitness

Monthly Memberships require a Credit Card on file and a full season commitment

  • 1 Class     $35  Monthly Membership

  • 2 Classes  $45  Monthly Membership

  • 3 Classes  $60  Monthly Membership


Drop In Fee $10

COSTUME FEES for Spring Dance Production


Discovery Combo Costumes        $140.00

Discovery Single Costumes          $ 65.00


All Other Classes

Ballet and Jazz Costumes            $80.00

All other Class Costumes             $70.00


Company Costumes

To be billed separately through company account


Monthly Dance Tuition

A non-refundable, annual Registration Fee of $25 per student or $40 per family AND first month’s tuition are both due upon registration. Late registration ($45 individual / $65 family) begins on 10/1. Parent or legal guardian of dancer agrees to pay tuition in full on a monthly basis and remain in good financial standing with MCDF. All families are required to enroll in the auto-pay system. Tuition will be charged on the first of each month.  If you do not want the credit card on file used, you must make the tuition payment before the first of the month through the parent portal or by cash/check in the studio.   A $10 NSF fee will automatically be charged if the Auto Pay Fails to process on the first attempt.  It is the responsibility of the parent to update the card as needed.  An additional $10 late fee will be charged to the account if tuition payment is not received by the 10th of the month.  After two months of non payment, without a payment arrangement on file, the student will be disenrolled for the season.  



There is a 10% household discount for siblings under the same account for dance.   This discount is exclusively for households who are registered under the same account, with one person responsible for payment.


Insufficient Fund Fees

Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $35 NSF fee which will be paid at the payment desk along with the tuition and any late fees that may apply. Thereafter, personal checks will no longer be accepted for the student’s account for the season.



Due to longer production and shipping times, costume fees for our spring production are due in full by November 13, 2021, and costume orders will begin at the end of the month.  If your dancer is going to participate in the May Production, costume fees must be paid in November.  There will be a fundraising opportunity to pay for costumes.


Gymnastics Pricing for 6 week Session  - Space is limited


See Gymnastics Pricing Page for Billing Details

  • 6 Week Session Pricing

  • 1 Hour/week $150

  • 2 Hours / week $275

  • 3 Hours / week  $360

  • 4 Hours / week $400