Tuition and fees

Summer Pricing

6 Hour Mini Session Clinics in May for students ages 8 and older

$125.00 per session

6 Week Session June 13 - August 4

1 Class     $150

2 Classes $275

3 Classes $360

4 Classes $400

Discounts do not apply to summer classes


Gymnastics Payment Policy 


We require all parents to have a credit card on file. 


Once you are enrolled in a six week session, we will automatically renew your class for the subsequent session, and the card that you have on file will be charged on the first day of that session.


If you wish to change your gymnast to a different class or disenroll from the program between sessions, please call the studio or email no later than 1 week before the new session begins.  Additionally, if you do not want the card that you have on file charged, and wish to pay using another payment method, please make the payment online or in person before the first day of the new session.   


Session fees will always show up on your account the week before the new session begins, and you will be notified before your card is charged.  Changes may be made by phone or in person during business hours Monday - Thursday 5pm-8pm or Saturday from 10am - 3pm.

Showcase sessions give our students a chance to perform for family and friends.  During the Showcase mini sessions, students will come multiple times during the 2 weeks to prepare for the showcase.  Students may have a special uniform for the showcase, and tickets will be sold to guests.  Showcases are optional.  

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